In Hondouville They Convert Milk Bricks Into Toilet Paper

A Factory Of By-Products

Essary has expanded its activity to other areas that add value to its consumers, who are increasingly demanding with the purchase of products that respect the environment. It not only manufactures paper intended for hygiene, but it also recycles it as a previous step. The factory integrates the manufacturing process of the paper pulp until its transformation through the creation of the mother coils. Waste materials are not thrown away: in the bricks, the cellulose sticks between two polyethylene and aluminum films. They become Poly-Al, a substance that plastics manufacturers can use to produce urban furniture or pellets. On the other hand, in Hondouville another byproduct of recycled paper is obtained, which contains calcium and talcum – Calcitonin is called -.

In Hondouville, Essity does not intend to stop its environmental policy, on the contrary. This year, new extractor hoods have been installed to recover more heat. Electricity generation is 100% exported, and steam production is used internally at 100% while 25% has reduced water consumption in ten years. All an example of sustainable resource management.